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Order CD

Hank's 12-song CD is entitled "The Spirit of America". This CD contains the following songs:

CD Image
  • 1. The Spirit of America
  • 2. Halfway to Heaven (A 9/11 Tribute)
  • 3. The Tree of Life
  • 4. Let There Be Love
  • 5. I Shall Be Free
  • 6. Take My Hand
  • 7. My Coat of Many Colors
  • 8. One Star
  • 9. New York City
  • 10. One Heart, One Voice
  • 11. You Were the Music
  • 12. Carry On

All of these songs can be listened to on Hank's "Home" page and "More Songs" page.

All 12 songs feature a vocal performance backed by a full musical arrangement. All musical arrangements are by
Sid Cherry Professional Music Services (sidcherry@optonline.net).

To order the CD:
Please send a check for $20.00 (includes $4.00 for shipping & handling), payable to "Hank Fellows", to:
9-11 Songs.com
P.O. Box 400
New York, NY 10024   (N.Y. residents please add applicable sales tax)
Please include your email address if you wish to receive information on Hank's future releases.

To order the CD and sheet music:
Piano/vocal/guitar sheet music for each of the songs on Hank's CD is available for $5.00 for each song when the sheet music is purchased with the CD. If the sheet music is ordered without the CD, the minimum order is 3 songs ($15.00).
***Please specify the arrangement you want: Children, Teen, Female (adult), or Male (adult).

To Order the Children's Book "Sirius, The Hero Dog of 9/11", written by Hank Fellows (including the 3-song CD), , please send a check for $20.00 (including shipping and handling), payable to "Hank Fellows" to the address above. If you want the book personally autographed by Hank Fellows, at no extra charge, please write the person's first name on your order.

Note to 9-11 Families:
If you are a member of a 9-11 family support group, and you wish to receive a free copy of Hank's CD, and free sheet music for "The Spirit of America" and "Halfway to Heaven", please mail or email your request to Hank Fellows.

Note to Music Educators:
Free samples of the piano/vocal sheet music and the four-part SATB (soprano/alto/tenor/bass) choral arrangements are available to music teachers and choral (choir) directors for most of Hank's songs. To obtain your free sample copies of these arrangements, please mail or email your request to Hank Fellows (maximum of 3 songs), including the name and mailing address of your school, church, synagogue, or civic organization. All sheet music is professionally prepared and printed using "Finale" musical notation software.

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